* Try using different effects units along with the S.TALKER! There are tons of sounds that can be created by running the SUPER TALKER with various effects.devices such as reverbs, delays and distortions. Heavy.distortions seem to sound full and warm.

* The SUPER TALKER can be used with any amplified instrument.with varying results. Although the guitar is the most popular, a.keyboard or amplified wind instrument can produce interesting.sounds. Be a musical pioneer!

* .The best, most sonically usable audio is produced when using sounds which have an element of sustain. Sounds that continue for a period of time allow space and time for the articulation of spoken words (kind of like your own vocal cords).

* There are "sweet-spots" for the placement of the tube in your mouth. Try holding the end of the tube firmly but gently between your upper & lower front teeth right in the center. Another position which seems to work for some musicians is either the left or right side of the mouth between the side teeth. Experimentation will yield the most comfortable and best sounding tube position for your own performances.

* Sound is the vibration of air molecules. If you bite down on the sound tube, you are effectively blocking the air vibrations which create the sound from the SUPER TALKER. Beware of this when composing that chart-topper. On the other hand, you may find a need to intentionally "stop" the sound during a performance or recording.

* It is recommended that a microphone windscreen is used when performing with the S.TALKER. Because of the close proximity of the tube and mouth to the microphone, pops and other unwanted noises are difficult to avoid. Mic windscreens are very inexpensive and can be purchased at most music stores.

* The SUPER TALKER can produce significant volume levels. More than enough to produce a level high enough to be picked up by the microphone. In fact, you may be suprised by the wild vibrations inside your mouth the first time you use it (weird but cool!). Do not overdrive the S.TALKER - to set the volume for live performance levels, adjust the P.A. channel for the mic & S.TALKER. Once you get an acceptable level for the SUPER TALKER, most of the more critical adjustments, especially for volume, should be made at the P.A. Rock On!