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Do I need a microphone to use the SUPER TALKER?
If you are rehearsing with the band or at a live gig, yes. A PA system or mic amp is necessary (see the "SETUP" page). If you are practicing or showing off for some friends or envious fellow musicians, no. Actually, the S.TALKER sounds great for practicing without the use of a mic!
I want to use the S.TALKER in my recording studio. Do I need any other equipment to record with it?
You will need an amp to use the S.TALKER. The S.TALKER does not have a 'direct out' or 'line output'. Your mic channel will record the actual audio from the S.TALKER.
Can I just plug the cable from my guitar into it and then out to my amp like any other effects pedal?
No. The SUPER TALKER is not a typical "thru" type of effects unit. You can think of its function as that of another external speaker hooked to your amplifier. Your amp needs to have a powered auxiliary speaker output (not a line output). Most combo amps which do not have a separate speaker output can be outfitted with a jack for this purpose (of course you will want a qualified electronics person to perform the mod).
Do you "sing" into the tube or mic to create the talk effect?
No. Merely moving your mouth or lip-syncing forms the likeness to speech. The tube channels the sound into your mouth and once there it is shaped and formed by the changing sonic characteristics of your tongue, throat and movements of the inside of your oral cavity. Your microphone then picks up this sound and sends it out through your PA system or mic amp.
Can I make instruments other than guitars talk with the SUPER TALKER?
Yes. Try using the S.TALKER with keyboards or other amplified instruments. Practically any instrument that you can get an amplified signal from will produce unique sounds. Of course, not all instruments will provide satisfactory or usable audio (such as drums, bass guitar or other low frequency or percussive sounds).
Is the S.TALKER a powered device? Does it need batteries or an AC adapter?
No. The Super Talker is powered by your amp's speaker output. It needs no power of its own. PLEASE NOTE: Your speaker output cannot be a "preamp" out or "line-level out". These do not provide the necessary power. Think of the talbox as another speaker. If your output will not power another speaker, it will not work with the S.TALKER. The unit does incorporate a 9V battery for powering its mode indicator LED's, but this is a convenience light and is not necessary for the S.TALKER's operation. If the battery dies, you're still on!
Can the Super Talker be used "Live" for stage performances? Is it loud enough?
Unlike some of the newer "all-in-one" speech units with tiny, under-powered built-in amps, the Super Talker derives its punch from your instrument's amplifier. It can easily handle the rigors of the stage, and more!
Will the SUPER TALKER help me to become a rock superstar, irresistable to the opposite sex, and immortal in the music world?
Most likely.